COMING HOME TO PARADISE- The Gentle Ambience of a Life Well Lived

DesignerPauline Hartogh
Entry Description

Throughout this home in the Palm Beaches, north of Miami in Florida, the rooms were appointed with monochromatic comfort in both color and furniture with the sheer, soft, aesthetic use of delicate colors and luxurious fabrics, it was important to keep the tone relaxed while still invoking a sense of refinement and sophistication creating a casually luxurious antidote for the clients’ busy life. Touches of clear blue skies and oceanic blue tones were introduced into the home as a natural way to keep the balance of nature in this airy abode. High ceilings and large windows provide natural light that flows throughout the home, while the indirect lighting diffused behind classic architectural details overhead takes over in the evenings to provide halos of gentle light from above. The home is filled with gentle neutrals and soothing taupe colors, creating the perfect backdrop to offset the delicate colors found in their cherished art and art glass. One of the most significant design features in the home is showcased in the master bathroom. The aesthetic purity of the room was established by the use of absolute white in the glass tiles laid on the floor and walls, and further highlighted in the geometric free-standing bath tub. This impeccable, clean white backdrop delivers an added intensity to the exquisitely designed artwork of the custom mosaic abstract wave in a magnificent deep blue background with white cresting waves frozen in time. Set against the white, the mosaic imbues a sense of Zen-like harmony into the master bathroom. Working in a tropical climate provides countless opportunities to embrace the unique wonders of the paradise we live in but the key is the embrace of the utter luxury of the serene location while maintaining the style and elegance globe-trotting clients enjoy.