DSSH Bridge

DesignerSergio y Victor Sanz Pont
Prize3rd Place in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

A Self-Sustainable Living Bridge. The soul of this design is to create self-sustainable living architecture that respond to its use. Modular + Flexible. The Module: Cylindrical Tensile Membrane + Double Helix Structure made of carbon fiber semi flexible tubes. This simple and flexible module can be repeated according to the desired length connecting two buildings forming a pedestrian connection. Structural Flexibility: The design of the bridge meets the structural flexibility of differential movement between the buildings. A connection between two independent structures cannot be rigid, so this bridge is structurally based on a tensile membrane. Dynamic Reaction: Being a flexible tensile structure, by applying more tension to different points, a technological dynamic deformation can be achieved in response to the people crossing the bridge. It becomes a living element that responds to its use. Sustainable Design. Photovoltaic Energy: The tensile skin incorporates Foldable Photovoltaic Solar Panels capturing energy from the sun to generate and supply electricity from a clean and sustainable energy. This makes the bridge self-sustainable. Air-Cleaning Plants: To go beyond green, the design includes Plants that clean and purify the air, transforming the pollution of the city in pure oxygen. Plants and the Breathable Membrane make a greener environment and a clean pedestrian tunnel. LED RGB Technology: Linear LED technology glow the structure of the bridge at night, creating art with light of low power consumption. This emphasizes the fluid and organic forms and creates different sensations.