Two Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Days 2007 - 2013 Operation Blue Ridge - The SAF's Six Year Mission in Afghanistan

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This book chronicles the SAF's journey in Afghanistan, and serves as a journal to capture the memories and experiences of our servicemen and women from their deployments. The book also highlights the challenges that they faced, and is a record of the SAF's achievements during this six-year operation – the longest and most diverse overseas mission in the SAF's history. From 2007 to 2013, the SAF contributed to the international community's reconstruction efforts to restore stability in Afghanistan. Under the ambit of Operation Blue Ridge, a total of 492 soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan, with a wide range of capabilities deployed. The SAF's contributions included building health facilities, providing dental, medical and surgical treatment, as well as enhancing the security of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) with the Weapon Locating Radar, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and Imagery Analysis Teams. The SAF also contributed Military Institutional Trainers to support the ISAF's effort to train the Afghan National Security Forces.