CompanyHirsch Bedner And Associates Limited
ClientFederico Masin
DesignerFederico Masin
Prize3rd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

Despite it’s short distance from the CBD, the hotel has in fact been designed to evoke the relaxing atmospheres of a resort, offering a retreat destination within the city and a convenient venue for conventions and events, with a particular focus on the local market. The hotel facilities boast an extensive convention program, offering an 800 seat capacity ballroom and convention rooms, complemented by sumptuous health and personal care facilities, but it’s the atmosphere right from the entry to the hotel lobby that sets the tone of the experience and puts the guest on a different time zone, creating a psychological distance between the bustling Chongqing and this oasis of calm. The high ceiling spaces are designed to instill relaxation, high contrasts and textures evoke south East Asian atmospheres without quoting any regional design element. Full height see trough screens, highlighted with soft grazing lights, break the space into it’s specific functions, each with an anchoring feature that characterizes the space without blocking the sight lines and therefore allowing each space to peer into each other adding complexity to the guest experience. A full height painting inspired to the patterns of leaves, signals with a soft punch of color the reception space, whereas delicate pendants travel all the way from the ceilings to meet the guests at the lobby bar lounge, serving an array of teas and cocktails; and Semi- private spaces host reading rooms that complement the lobby lounge with exclusive alcoves for private and intimate conversations, from which the guest can contemplate broad views of the lush valleys below. The lighting design plays in the composition a key role, by highlighting the main focal points and enveloping them in a soft pool of light; in between focal elements softer shades increase the sense of intimacy.