Coastal Cinema

DesignerVirginia Lung Wai Ki, One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) Limited
Entry Description

Blue and green are the two colors that one would associate with when thinking about the ocean. Breaking the social norm, the design team got inspired by the coastal geography, the study of the dynamic interface between the ocean and the land, particularly wave action, hence the creation of this magnificent cinema. Upon arrival, the oval-shaped gigantic lobby greets the guests with its curvy form, just like the coastal line between the land and the ocean. Waveforms hide within the whole perimeter. Various lengths of rectangular tiles manifest the flooring, when looking from afar, are like the sea water being washed onshore, under the influence of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. Powder-coating metal rods were built along the lobby, simulating wave actions, falling and rising accordingly. When staring at this ‘wall of waves’, one may feel like standing onshore observing ocean surface waves, achieving a level of calmness as if hearing the sound of sea waves. Sitting in the middle of the lobby are ticketing offices shaped like natural stones, blending in with the surrounding. Guests waiting for the movie opening could rest at the book café. Apart from the flooring patterns, the bookshelves and ceiling decorations also stick to the waveform theme. Flat rectangular forms stretching from the ceiling curves along the book café façade with different angles, depicting another work of great aesthetic appeal.

About Designer

Established by directors Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) Limited is an award-winning Hong Kong-based design firm that aims of providing professional services, included: • Interior Design • Architectural Concept Design • Furniture Design • Graphic Design • Signage Design One Plus initiates each project by a specific theme, inspired by the novel and unique elements in the theme and develops it into a distinct space. One Plus has been totally awarded 141 overseas and 90 Asian awards until now, including 10《INTERIOR DESIGN》Best of Year Awards, 9 Germany iF Design Awards, 4 Red dot Design Awards, 3 U.S.A. Gold Key Awards, Japan Good Design Awards, 2012 Japan JCD Award, 8 Taiwan TID Awards and continuously won U.K. Andrew Martin Interior Design Awards for 8 years. In the year 2012, One Plus Partnership being honored as the sole winner for Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award by British design house Andrew Martin International. One Plus is the first and only Asian interior design firm to have been awarded this accolade. Ajax and Virginia also have been the columnists for Hong Kong Standard and PROPERTY.SINGTAO.COM sharing about design trend and experience. Ajax became the columnist for the magazine MRRM since Feb 2013 as well. Recently, Ajax Law has just been selected as the winner of “Ten Outstanding Designers 2014” and “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection” as well.