Q. Complex

DesignerTara Headley
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

ABOUT Q.Complex is a non-traditional live/work design for a young couple making waves in the sneaker and accessory market. It is broken into three main buildings, each one serving a different function. They all come together to serve as the business, office and residence, leaving no need to commute through the city. RESIDENCE CONCEPT Honesty in design is the main concept for the overall character of the residence portion of the complex. Materials left in their natural form, and textures will reflect the industrial age. Color is minimal and comes from the true colors of the materials. STUDIO CONCEPT The client appreciates the fine quality and design of luxury sports cars. These vehicles are often used by many as a retreat; a way to get away and relax. The concept of the studio reflects this. Smooth, sleek and refined are the main descriptors of this space. The colors are deep, rich woods, dark greys and black with accents of gold. RETAIL CONCEPT The retail space encompasses two brands with distinct identities. Abstracq is a light-hearted, fun and playful accessory brand and Q. Designs is a more refined, distinguished shoe brand. The design of the space embodies a transition in brand identity by going from a light, bright open plan which gives way to a darker, deeper toned recessed area.

About Designer

Tara Headley moved to Savannah, Georgia from the island of Barbados where she grew up, to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She has always been an extremely dedicated and focused on excelling in her career. Since graduating with her first degree, she has moved on to Atlanta where she obtained a masters in interior design, and is currently working at Hendrick, specializing in corporate design.