The Gazebo Sunlight

Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The Gazebo Sunlight is a new type of solar tracker which offers more than energy production since it’s also a space for outdoor living. Energetically self-sufficient, it supplies different integrated elements of comfort, such as a fridge, hotspots wifi, music, etc. The solar tracking system allows a shaded area all day and an evolutionary vision of the landscape. With 1 principal foot, 6 height-adjustable feet and batteries, The Gazebo Sunlight can be easily used 7 days a week and 24 hours a day on every soil : private beach, upscale hotels’ garden, pool house, bar lounge, etc (essentially in sunny places).

About Designer

I hold a master Design Global – specialty Product Design - Approach Products / Processes / Materials, a degree in innovation and industrial development from the University of Savoie and a Higher National Diploma in Product Design obtained at High school Honoré d'Urfé in Saint-Etienne. I have a basic training rather technical and scientific but I grew up in a family which expressed itself through painting, drawing, coating creation, jewelry ... No doubt that this environment have influenced my vocation to art and in particular applied arts. I have a particular view on the currently place occupied by innovation in the industry. It is indeed certain that currently at present, the sustainability of a product or service and its commercial success depend on relevant and innovative solutions in the design phases.