The Sleeping Pod

CompanyYazdani Studio of CannonDesign
ClientYan Krymsky
DesignerYazdani Studio of CannonDesign
Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

Representing a completely new building typology, the University of Utah, Lassonde Studio project meets two campus needs: the creation of a “student garage” – a flexible 20,000 sf making/planning-hacking space – for the Lassonde Institute, a student-led business and entrepreneur incubator, and integration of student housing for 400 students ranging from freshman to graduate level. Combining these two functions in one facility posed a unique opportunity to transform entrepreneur education and the student experience recognizing that innovation is an activity that is fueled by the activities of life, this living- learning environment supports entrepreneurial students by making entrepreneurship a 24-7 endeavor, fostering academic excellence in an interactive, interdisciplinary, immersive milieu that engages a range of users, accommodates a diversity of activities, and fosters interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary “mash ups” of science, humanities, technology, theory, practice, learning and research. To complement the hyperactive studio environment, student sleeping pods were designed providing students with a quiet respite from university life. Custom designed sleeping pods represent an entirely new kind of living space not found in any education institutions throughout the United States. The prototype pod is a 7’ x 7’ prefabricated room (55 square feet) that incorporates all the furniture found in a standard single dorm room – including demountable book shelves, a full-sized bed, nightstand, closet, medicine cabinet, and full-length mirror – all in a well-designed layout that is simultaneously compact and comfortable. Each pod has its own individual climate control. Daylight, which is plentiful in the loft space thanks to huge floor-to-ceiling windows, enters the pod through top-corner clerestories and through a glass door and wall, which can be blocked with a privacy curtain.