Salalah Cliff Edge Villas

DesignerO1A International
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This site is located in one of the world's most excitingly beautiful locations and perhaps one of the most fascinating coastline clifftops of the Arabian Sea. The site stands poised, dignified overlooking amazing beaches and coastal mountains at its threshold. It is therefore imperative that this unique and endowed location be maximized. O1A has opted for a design composed of 66 villas of approximately 1200m² with each villa commanding breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The topography has been modified to enable each villa to command absolute sea views. In order to minimize the earth works, we have designed villas to provide over 440 - 530sqm of 5 star sensuous residential accommodations. This approach to the master plan proposes that every villa has absolute ocean frontage and each site is developed to minimize the earth works, thus reducing the construction cost and minimizing the environmental impact through aggressive excavation. The site has a fall away from the view. This will be used to our advantage by creating a semi basement floor for the Garaging and the ancillary facilities of the dwellings. The living level will be designed to meet the rear existing ground level thus minimizing the excavation of each block and yet providing uninterrupted views to the Arabian Sea.