Solar Taxi

DesignerDr. Hakan Gürsu
Prize2nd Place in Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Entry Description

Addressing for one of the main concerns of the century by using clean energy; Solar Taxi has been designed to provide a high-performance service in the slow-cities. An electric vehicle that uses sun power as well, it is a lightweight, low cost and safe eco-car that fits to modern urban environments. Carrying up to 5 passengers with its flexible interior, design has a double door with a ramp to enhance accessibility. Besides providing clean energy, solar panel turns to a transparent hood that enables a bright interior with panoramic view. Design has a sturdy construction surrounded by a transparent outer shell ensures the strength needed for tough roads and the internal accessories intend to extend the product life. In addition, its spacious interior is capable of carrying 3 to 5-passengers with collapsible seating. Eco vehicle is a wheel-chair friendly car with improved accessibility. Designed in accordance with international vehicle norms defined as under 250 kilograms and 40 km/h speed, Solar Taxi is intended to be used in city centers and touristic environments.

About Designer

HAKAN GURSU was born on 1959 in Istanbul. He graduated from Middle East Technical University as first rank student in 1987. He took his master’s degree from Department of Architecture in 1988. Gursu, continued his project studies at Japan in 1991 and completed his Ph.D studies in 1996. He worked as consultant on interior architecture and city planning in Moscow and Tokyo. He contributed in the design of registered product design in the context of university and industry collaboration. Still he is going on his duites as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design in METU and Designnobis.