Tribute to Beomjeong Chang Hyong

DesignerHoon-Dong Chung
Entry Description

ASSIGNMENT: This tribute poster is designed for Mr. Beomjeong, Chang Hyong. He was the founder of the Dankook University which was the first established university after the National Liberation Day of Korea. APPROACH: The poster is based on a Chinese character which conveys the name of the school. In terms of concept and form, this is transformed into 3D imagery with a broad spectrum of Dimensional Typography.

About Designer

Hoon-Dong Chung is a designer in Korea. He received a MFA in Computer Arts at the Academy of Art University in USA and a Ph.D. in Design at the Graduate School of Dankook University in Korea. Currently, he is an assistant professor at Dankook University. Recent Achievements: '2 Nominations' at the German Design Award 2012(Frankfurt, Germany). 'Nomination' at the German Design Award 2011(Frankfurt, Germany). 'Gold Award' at the Graphis Poster Annual 2011(New York, USA). 'First Prize' at the International Design Awards 2010(LA, USA). 'Red Dot Award' at the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010(Essen, Germany). 'IF Design Award' at the IF Communication Design Award 2010(Hannover, Germany). 'Red Dot Award' at the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2009(Essen, Germany).

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