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FUBAR is my conceptual artisanal cinnamon whiskey. FUBAR is a World War II acronym meaning, "F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition." In present day, when someone gets really drunk they may express themselves as "F*cked Up!" With that said, the term FUBAR makes a very suitable name for an alcoholic beverage. The product comes in a military grade crate which supports the beverage in a bed of hay. The label is inspired by the World War II aviator nose art. Pilots in World War II painted pin up girls on their aircrafts as way to recognize other pilots, portray what they were longing for, and have fun. I felt it necessary to make this an iconic part of my packaging. The typographic treatment is based on World War II crates, stencils and planes serial numbers. This artisanal whiskey is one of a kind so remember, drink tactically!