Arch Collection

DesignerYuyan He
Prize2nd Place in Avant-garde / Women_AG
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Entry Description

Inspired from architecture with brave new proposal about color, This “Arch” collection is composed with exploration of sculptural shapes and glass-like fabrcition. “Arch” is all about silhouette, structure and unique fabrication. By palying around a new shape for a strapless dress, the top devided into eight peieces of patterns in order to insert the triangular-shape panles and the bottom made of boxy-like skirt. A highlight detail: the shiny ,vinyl fabric spots contrasted beautifully with delicate shape on structural skirt. Another look with a structured jacket and shiny green vinyl skirt is well-considered peices in this collection. The jacket made of special patterns and cuts to form a cubic silhouette, and the green vinyl adds a touch of wit to the mix which is similar to the long dress with a little bit yellow shiny color on the waist. The last but not least, the totally transparent cubic top and mini skirt made a perfect interpretation of this collection. The three-dimensional shape with shiny jelly-like texture on the nude skin adds a dramactically feminine note to sculptural shapes. “Arch” is not only about clothes,garment, but also about a concept of being independent, postive, confident life style and artistic vibe.

About Designer

Yuyan He begins her career as a fashion deigner and illustrator for various clients from NYC, Dallas and Atlanta since 2011. Yuyan He’s signature style lies in the her keen ability to capture and find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines(architecture,painting,cinema,music,design ) and to creatively translate them into a modern.dynamic, and yet timeless fashion that exudes effortless elegance.