DELTA street furniture collection

DesignerThomas-Éric Béliveau, Benoit Orban, Thomas Rouayroux,
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Équiparc mandated ALTO Design to conceive its new DELTA street furniture collection. This was the first street furniture mandate for the Canadian firm, ALTO Design. This addition to the Quebec manufacturer’s range of products impresses with the simplicity of its lines, which evoke both robustness and sophistication. The team of industrial designers wanted to develop a signature for the new collection that was refined yet masculine. Conceived as urban objects, the DELTA collection includes two benches, a table, two waste receptacles, two planters and a bike rack. Bevels characterize the identity of this high-end urban furniture collection. The bevel cuts featured on every edge flow naturally from metal to wood, enhancing the product’s contemporary signature and comfort. The cast aluminum support elements provide outstanding visual stability while the lateral recesses suggest lightness and elegance. Touching the surfaces reveals their true finesse. The calibration of radii, grooves and board width for the various furniture elements posed a considerable challenge. Carrying out the iterative work using full-scale mock-ups enabled us to find the right balance to ensure uniformity throughout the collection. Expressive in nature, the collection reflects the close collaboration between the designers and the manufacturer. Équiparc’s DELTA collection is a great example of this.

About Designer

Convinced that great ideas arise from opposing points of view and experiences, ALTO has assembled a multidisciplinary team of 25 passionate professionals. Founded in Montréal in 1986 by Mario Gagnon, ALTO is now the leading industrial design and engineering firm in Canada. Featuring an open-plan studio and a vast prototyping workshop, ALTO’s facilities are on par with its ambition and mandates. The firm’s projects apply to a variety of activity sectors such as transportation, the medical and scientific field, consumer goods and recreational products. Over the years, our firm has participated in a multitude of projects that aim to promote industrial design. A dedicated partner of Design Montréal Open House yearly event. Concerned with ensuring the longevity of our profession, for the last several years we have been welcoming third year industrial design students from the Université de Montréal for summer internships.