Desire 610

CompanyHTC Corporation
ClientHTC Design
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The HTC Desire 610 is a mid-range handset designed to make an impact in the marketplace. It is a case study for establishing HTC’s affordable, premium flagship range. The challenge was to create an affordable product with broad appeal to consumers, without compromising quality, design or functionality. Desire 610 represents innovation in design and assembly. The polycarbonate housing has been simplified, and the number of parts has been reduced by combining HTC’s iconic forehead and chin, with the sidewall and chassis. All of the parts are then assembled through the back of the device. This pared-down construction allowed investment in better internal components. The Desire 610 brings quality and premium elements to a broad, global audience. In the recent past this level of quality, features and technology was only available in costly, flagship products. Now, a much wider group of people can enjoy premium quality and functions through a device that is stylish and powerful.