HTC Desire 820

CompanyHTC Corporation
ClientHTC Design
DesignerHTC Design Team
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Desire 820 is an affordable, large-screen smartphone emphasizing entertainment features through its fun, approachable design. Smartphones with large screens are often sterile and tool-like in presentation, with austere designs and flat colors more suited for the business environment. To counteract this trend, the designers imparted a playful and fun sensibility through a carefully sculpted form and a bold color story. Constructed with a sophisticated two-step, double-shot molding process, utilizing high-impact polycarbonate plastic to form a durable and stylish unibody smartphone. The double-shot process allows a higher build quality with exceptional torsional rigidity, while also permitting a thinner profile (compared to a traditional two-part construction.) The screen’s perimeter bezel is fully integrated into the unibody, protecting the display from multi-directional impacts and creating a streamlined appearance. Precision CNC details around the camera details achieve tight tolerances that can be felt and seen. Never before has a large-screen, mid-range smartphone offered such an approachable and fun design, packed with cutting-edge technology. The double-shot technology allows a svelte, robust and colorful presentation, while dual-stereo speakers, expansive screen and high-resolution cameras create a multimedia powerhouse. In the recent past this level of quality, features and technology was only available in costly, flagship products. Now, a much wider group of users can enjoy these benefits through the Desire 820.