A Samurai's Flight of Fantasy

DesignerShehzarin Batha
Prize2nd Place in Haute Couture / Women_HC
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Entry Description

No woman can step into the same dress twice - we are after all, a collection of our experiences which are a continuum of single occasions. As a contemporary designer and couturier, I represent the revival and future of the craft of the couture. It’s in this spirit; I’d like to share the creative rationale behind the making of my wedding dress. For me, the key to designing and making this dress was to affirm my integrity of purpose against the captives of convention, to steer away from tradition and create a dress that truly reflected and showcased my vision of contemporary bridal design. In a nutshell, it had to be innovative and elegant, a timeless fusion of cutting edge design and old world charms. It had to embody a sense of romance and sensuality with a hint of drama, an appreciation of draping, corsetry and haute couture. The inspiration came from two key influences: - My engagement ring; Combining Japanese elements of balancing angles and curves, custom made to look like bamboo in rose gold and diamond baguettes. - Antique needle-point lace (circa 1850); A gift from my mother in law, passed down through several generations. The result was an extraordinarily painstaking effort and adventure. The 150 year old lace was first repaired then stretched over the corset bodice without cutting it. Combining different kinds of silk organza and silk net in shades of rose gold and pink, my seamstress and I explored textures, laser cutting on silk, manipulating draping and sewing the entire dress with invisible thread so one couldn’t see a single stitch. Eighty percent was in fact sewn by hand. I hope I can equivalently inspire and encourage women to step forward into a brave new world, finding new ways to invigorate and celebrate their day.