Modular shelf system Embakumba

DesignerEero Jürgenson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Embakumba is a modular shelf system – an element of interior design, a room divider and a storage system. Its innovative design (Registered Community Design) is inspired by nature (honeycomb) and traditional woodworking technique (dovetail joint). The name „Embakumba” is the Estonian for “this or that” - you choose your own shelf configuration and arrange/rearrange it according to your taste and needs. The shelf system is based on a single module (800 x 420 x 330) that enables creating an infinite number of shelf combinations Stacking up the modules creates a honeycomb-like structure which is stable and can be used from both sides. Thanks to the unique design of the corner joint of the module, the shelf system can easily be assembled without tools, screws or glue. The improved dovetail joint interlocks the modules horizontally and vertically, thus making the construction stable and strong. The freestanding structure can be extended in different directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The shelf provides storage space within and between the modules, i.e you get almost twice the storage space. You can also create bigger space by leaving a module without bottom panel. At shelf ends, modules above and below the empty space, need to be interlocked with a side panel, identical with the side panel of the module. Top and bottom panels for spaces between the modules are optional (identical with respective panels of the module). The use of the Embakumba shelf ranges from private homes to offices, schools and public interiors. Materials: a) painted mdf (basic) b) valchromat (natura) c) valchromat & natural wood (natura+) Delivery disassembled, in flat pack. The Embakumba shelf system can be assembled in different configurations, but 3 standard sets are: 1. Embakumba 5-modules set 2. Embakumba 8-modules set 3. Embakumba 9-modules set Designed by Eero Jürgenson Manufactured by Thulema AS