4moms mamaRoo

Client4moms design
Prize2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / Robotics
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4moms, a robotics company that makes high-tech baby gear, recently debuted the new 4moms mamaRoo, the first- ever, app-controlled infant seat. The Bluetooth-enabled mamaRoo allows parents to control its motions, speeds and sounds directly from an iOS or Android device. The 4moms mamaRoo is a consumer favorite due to its ability to mimic the movements parents make when soothing their babies. To create natural movements, 4moms used accelerometer vests to record parents as they soothed their infants and identified motion patterns. 4moms then developed the motion control software and dual-axis coordinated motion robotic platform that allow the mamaRoo to really “move like you do.” The sleek base is sculpted in sophisticated surfaces and tension lines inspired by the automotive, athletic and electronic industries. The user interface, with an LCD screen, is minimal and intuitive. The mamaRoo’s crisp, modern design and matte finish complements a home’s décor unlike many traditional baby products. The 4moms team believes that "Everything Matters” and applied this thinking to the development of the mamaRoo. The team paid attention to every detail – from noise reduction to seat fabrics and colors. Even the unboxing experience is stellar. The packaging and setup were designed with the user experience in mind, with no plastic bags and minimal assembly. 4moms has redefined the $8.9 billion juvenile product industry by solving unmet consumer needs. Frustrations that the industry has accepted are seen as the most important attribute and the catalyst for change. The result is dramatically better products that are better for baby and easier for parents to use, so they feel smart, confident and just as cool as they were before becoming parents.