Gareth Ashton: The Essence of Global Design

ClientMiguel Valenzuela
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Entry Description

Gareth Ashton: The Essence of Global Design Brief: HM. was commissioned to create an image series, which reflected the essence of global design of the Gareth Ashton tapware range, which is distributed by Abey Australia. This image series would then form part of a print advertising campaign that would be seen within media Australia-wide. The tapware range was a result of Abey's knowledge and experience and was reflective of the best in design from around the globe, through unique design elements and pieces with long lasting impression. Gareth Ashton has a styled minimalism, sleek lines and a balance of organic and angular shapes and as such makes a fitting compliment to a modern space. Process: HM. conceptualised an image series inspired by Abey’s own history of innovation and milestones in design. The concept was shaped by the element that greatly represents Abey and in this case the Gareth Ashton brand.. Water. The concept was followed by the styling, art directing, and production of an underwater shoot, consisting of three images, each one inspired by a different era. Result: The complete series represented innovation with a sequence of poignant images, evoking an era of the past with another, representing the future. This series expressed how the collection of the Gareth Ashton products are shaped and unified by the element of water.