fluoro: The Next Generation.

ClientMiguel Valenzuela
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

fluoro: The Next Generation. Brief: fluoro magazine was launched in 2010 as a side project by HM. In 2012 fluoro formed as a company within HM Group. and maintained its ties with HM. as its creative and strategic partner. The relaunch sought to place an emphasis on design and images, while allowing fluoro to be updated daily with content created or sourced by fluoro’s creative team, which includes contributors based in various locations all over the world. fluoro’s presence in Melbourne, Australia, Paris, France, and Bogota, Colombia contributes to the result which is a distinct collection of works, images and text. Accessible online at fluorodigital.com Process: HM. refreshed the fluoro branding and recreated fluoro (online) to reflect the objective, yet work within the saturated digital space. Optimised across multiple platforms, fluoro takes a predominantly visual focus, which carries some of the flexibility of print design onto the web. Result: The online design and navigation of the magazine is unique, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in a world where art, fashion, architecture, history and innovation come together. A suite of symbols have been developed to represent the content categories, allowing users to navigate fluoro with ease by shape, brand, region of the world and keyword search.