National Taipei University Library

CompanyJ.C. Architecture LIAO Architect
ClientZe-Yi Jiang, Shang-Min Yan, Pei-Geng Ling, Yu-Fen Zhuang, Jian-Wei Huang, Chun-Ru Su; Shi-Jie Wang; Xiang-Qun Yang
DesignerAmy Chang
Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Company: J.C. Architecture, LIAO Architect & Associates Lead designers: Johnny Chiu, Kuo-Cheng Liao Design team : Ze-Yi Jiang, Shang-Min Yan, Pei-Geng Ling, Yu-Fen Zhuang, Jian-Wei Huang, Chun-Ru Su; Shi-Jie Wang; Xiang-Qun Yang National Taipei University Library, located in Sansia, New Taipei City, embraces the local culture of Sansia Old Street and the history of porcelain art in Yingge District in northern Taiwan. The architecture is divided into two individual buildings, library and information center. A green pathway, “Social Boulevard”, is aligned with the center of the campus, through the lawn, to the gate stretching out connecting the library. Where teachers and students will have more interaction and more communication can be created. Social Boulevard is continued through information center all the way to the artificial lake with outdoor live performance and the view of mountains. Wisdom Defining each building space for its flexibility of functions, the reading section is located in between the two building, to provide a new reading experience. The natural light comes between the buildings also bringing in the breeze flowing through space, and to deliver a picturesque feature. For the exterior design, we wanted to create a signature which relates to the library itself, books. So we turned the actions of people taking the book out of the shelf and literally opening a book into the gentle curves with a soft texture as the facade of the building. Its design combining with windows also brings plenty of indirect skylights into the library, which creates a romantic atmosphere within the space for people to indulge in. Also influencing the exterior design as an organic element is the surrounding nature, landscape and ripples of the lake. To “open” the library space meaning to open the knowledge, an open experiment for everyone, no restriction with walls but only natural sunlight fulfilling space. The wealth of knowledge is not only being collected from the books, but also through communication, nature environment, and architecture, most importantly from the interaction of people. Information flows in the surrounding to provide a positive and self-active learning environment. National Taipei University Library is beyond more than just an ordinary library could provide.

About Designer

J.C. Architecture is a multidisciplinary design firm that their projects include architecture, interior, hospitality, service, industrial and jewellery design in several countries collaborating with clients from various industries. The work has won several awards and competitions including TID (2011-2013), Golden Torch Award(2013), FIABCI(2013), Chinese Golden Stone Architecture Award(2010), NTPU Library Competition First Prize in 2008. JCA is operated as a studio think tank, developing researching and experimental methodologies for new possibilities for pushing design into every corner of their work. With the combination of great minds amongst different disciplines and the always fun and passionate staff, JCA aims to create a new sense of identity and character for the world to inhabit in. Johnny Chiu, the founder of J.C. Architecture (JCA) who graduated from Columbia University, lived, worked, and taught in more than six countries, has the great belief that a good design should be inspired from the individual. The society and the interaction between human and space are also his concerns in the design work.