G'NOSH Brand Identity & Packaging

DesignerPhil Seddon
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Some things you just can’t keep to yourself… Frustrated with the lack of interesting dips that she remembers gracing the shelves of her native New Zealand grocery stores, 'foodie' entrepreneur, Charlotte Knight, was on a mission to shake up the dull UK supermarket aisles of endless own-brand hummous and mayo-heavy party packs. With this burning ambition, she left her City job and approached Mystery to help her realise her dream. Mystery's task was to create a memorable challenger dip brand which had real personality and difference on-shelf and online, and would create a new category for branded dips in the UK. The brief took the project from brand strategy and naming, through to packaging and digital design. With a core brand value of 'sharing', the brand called for a human, authentic, campaigning tone of voice. Inspiration came from hand-written campaign placards which well matched the social and proactive ambition of the business on a mission. Hand-painting all the typography for the packaging in-house was the ideal way of representing this visually and created a brand with a unique, ownable aesthetic. The brand's copywriting also reinforced this commitment to sharing – and social media and digital provided the perfect platforms for fans of the brand to share their recipe and serving ideas – making an interactive brand experience which created loyalty amongst customers. The unique skeuomorphic website went viral soon after launch and has seen a huge number of tweets, repins and reviews – all of which led to G'NOSH being featured in the forthcoming Gail Anderson book, 'A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Packaging' published by Princeton Architectural Press in the Autumn. Since G'NOSH launched the products have been listed by leading UK multiple chains including Sainsbury's and Waitrose, and the range is available online from the UK's biggest independent grocery delivery service, Ocado.