Anti-Child Labour Campaign

CompanyDesign Stack
ClientDesign Stack
Prize2nd Place in Print / Print Advertising
Entry Description

Save the children is amongst the biggest charity organisations in the world working for children's welfare. The purpose was to create a campaign to get people to pledge support against child labor. We created a campaign that aimed to tap into the nostalgia of childhood - something that is a lost privilege for these victims. One of the challenges was to have communication that was not imposing or intrusive or preachy as most guilt inducing campaigns are increasingly counterproductive. It had to be simple but engaging and inspiring. We came up with something that, for most working adults, would induce fond memories of a time when they didn't work and were care free -something we take for granted. A time of unemployed happiness and simple pleasures. Design Stack also art directed and produced the photo-shoot, for this campaign.

About Designer

Design Stack is a Strategic Branding and Graphic Design studio based in Mumbai.