The Roe Training Enterprise Center.

DesignerAdriana Renee Skaar
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The concept of Roe Training Enterprise Center is based on the process of whiskey making. When the project was developed the concept was developed forward, which resulted in taking inspiration from the different shapes of the process. History and tradition reflected the new building proposal. According to the research findings , it appears to have been used as Malting storage that was a part of Henry Roe`s, distillery (1800, Dublin, Ireland) The new facilities can offer experience, education, training, workshops and memories in an area of the city that has been forgotten for a longer period The Roe Training Enterprise Center is based on creating and promoting micro distillery industry in Ireland. People can come in and learn about the different aspect of micro distillery. The program will varied from 4 weeks to 6 months. As an Interior architect, I also tried to apply and test the active house principals within comfort and energy and provide strategies for the challenges with in the existing warehouse, that was a part of my written thesis.

About Designer

I am a well organized and efficient type that works well both independently and in teams. I have a large passion for design and Architecture. I exercise at the gym 5-6 times during the week. I like being in shape and it affect the way I work to the better. I like to dress nice and appropriate, I adore the classic wear from Ted Baker. Movie category it is action, drama and especially movies that is based on a true story. Im a social and adaptable person with a good mood. A good night would be going out and eat and have a good conversation with friends.