Dhamani 1969

ClientChristian Jochman
DesignerDave Scurlock, Christian Jochman, Jamal Salem, Erik Mueller-Ali, Benny Kim, Jim Visscher, Nikki Le, Jennifer Carlisle
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Entry Description

Each of Dhamani’s jeweled creations is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The design team envisioned Dhamani’s boutique as a glamorous art gallery; an extravagant museum, similar to private art salons found in grand residential estates. The customer’s journey begins at the storefront with its museum-quality, window-display cases and Italian marble. Inside, two interior showrooms and a center salon highlight different merchandise types and allow for distinct customer experiences within each space. The first showroom, at the front of the boutique, creates a memorable entry and is a key focal area visible from the mall. The center salon works as a consultation area. The second showroom, at the back of the boutique, showcases Dhamani’s signature Dubai Cut gemstones while two adjacent VIP lounges give an additional level of privacy and customer service. Luxurious materials, sourced from around the world, reinforce the boutique’s elegant, art-gallery ambiance. Customers are surrounded in sumptuous style, from the silk carpeting and embossed leather, to the dark-walnut and rose-gold display cases and the mother-of-pearl and handcrafted wall coverings. To give the space an easily identifiable branded element, Dhamani’s signature floral pattern was incorporated as an environmental art piece within the boutique, a transparent screening element to balance privacy with views into the space. The handmade screen’s delicate leaves and branches were individually ground and finished, then hand- assembled with 7000 individual welds to create a smooth, seamless effect. The finished screen was then oil-rubbed to give the bronze finish a singular, monumental presence. The visual merchandising takes cues from museums and art salons by reducing visual clutter. Bust forms and a limited number of jewelry pieces are set within wall vitrines, creating an exhibit-like atmosphere. Dark case linings and concealed spotlights maximize gemstone scintillation, drawing the eye directly to Dhamani’s art.