Coral Vase

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

CORAL is a modern style flower vase which consists of 8 individual stems interconnecting with each other in an organic form. The shape of the vase mimics biological coral forms having the main spine and tentacles add structural hierarchy and overall integrity to the vase. Each stem contains a 25mm x 150mm test tube which can be easily removed from the vase for water refill. Most of the weight is concentrated on the spine and the base in order to balance off the weight of the flowers and the water inside the test tubes. This is a large size vase designed to be visible from a certain distance and direction. CORAL is an ideal vase for display in public areas such as residential, commercial and hospitality lobby spaces.

About Designer

Aprilli Design Studio is a design atelier focusing on research, design and implementation of sustainable design and planning strategies which improve the quality of human life, society and surrounding environments. We believe design can be a powerful tool to provide alternative solutions and develop better strategies for the rapidly transforming social, economical and environmental needs. Our goal is to create a living platform that can adapt to the changing social dynamics and use the advanced technology to provide a better living environment for the contemporary society. We are highly interested in future energy issues, food problems and environmental sustainability. Our project scope includes architectural design, planning and consulting, custom commercial, hospitality interior design and product design. We are specialized in creating decorative, artistic and fully functional objects using computational design and digital fabrication technologies.