DesignerKEGGENHOFF I PARTNER Sabine Keggenhoff, Michael Than
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

CHEVALIER - Interior Finish - Annexe to a castle by the Rhine Koblenz, Germany In the new annexe, places of representation and communication as well as places of retreat equally characterize the structure and atmosphere of the interior design. The open and generous room structure gives priority to a place of coming together. It encourages and demands encounters. The ground floor includes the residential areas, as well as a spacious foyer that marks the annexe’s center and determines the alignment of all other rooms. The basement floor provides the spa, facility management, technology and house service. The top floor contains the client’s private spaces. The overall interior design focuses on conceptual reduction and precise craftsmanship. Archetypal materials such as metal (brass), stone and wood - in contrast to textile elements (e.g. wall covering) - are dominating the atmosphere; conveying a spirit of age and patina. They also connect inside and outside, and with their appearance, are linking to the forces and processes of nature. At the same time, the concept values the unique local and historical context by the means of re-interpreting.