The Popeil Olive Oil Fryer

DesignerRon Popeil Alan Backus
Entry Description

How do you lower unhealthy trans fats, sodium, and saturated fats in the fried foods you and your family eat? Make the fried foods yourself, with The Ron Popeil Olive Oil Fryer™, the first home fryer designed from scratch to use olive oil. Olive oil is among cooking oils lowest in saturated fats, and, when used in other food applications, is recognized by the American Heart Association to lower the risk of heart disease. Commercially prepared fried foods, including those found in most US grocery stores and restaurants, commonly use animal lard, beef tallow, salt and/or various shortenings when frying, causing, according to studies, increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Also, commercially prepared fried foods, to increase productivity, reduce work, and save money on expensive oil, may be cooked in oil unhealthfully contaminated from overuse. Included with the Olive Oil Fryer™ is Filter Now™, an easy-to-use oil filtering system which helps reduce unhealthy oil contaminants and extend useful oil life. The Olive Oil Fryer™ is small, taking less valuable countertop space than the huge, 15 pound, Thanksgiving-day-sized turkey it can cook. And, the Olive Oil Fryer™ is versatile, efficiently and quickly cooking both generous and small amounts of food. It can cook 5 Mc™-sized servings of fresh french fries (11 min.), or 4 pounds of chicken (15 min.), for lunch, dinner, parties; or just a few fresh donuts (10 min.) to go with morning coffee. The Olive Oil Fryer™ was developed by Ron Popeil, of award-winning Ronco late-night TV and infomercial fame; and by Alan Backus, an award-winning RISD industrial designer and Harvard MBA. To date, the Olive Oil Fryer™ has already received 3 US utility patents, and is the first home turkey fryer ever, to be awarded a coveted UL safety listing.