Table T

DesignerIrena Kilibarda
Prize2nd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
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Entry Description

Table T ® Limited Edition series 2015 ’’Black&White’’ simplicity With the idea getting into the 3d form during the year of 2012-2013, Table T® collection of indoor/outdoor tables is getting new colors and sizes twice a year and all the tables are unique. Made out of Corian® DuPont™ as the main material, metalic construction and solid wood standing parts. Corian® DuPont™ is durable, antibacterial, sustainable and ’’green’’ and a very good solution for humid, warm or cold environements. The metalic construction could be out of brass, copper, stainless steel or other painted or galvanized metals. Any kind of solid wood you think of could be used, expecialy for you if ordered as a customized design.

About Designer

dsignedby is a Serbian design studio founded by Irena Kilibarda (architect) and Iva Kilibarda (graphic designer) working internationally. We rely on an ancient philosophy of natural elements "Fire, Water, Air & Earth" combined with rays of light to create, with simplicity and eager, contemporary - transparent - light, but solid ideas. We tend to use sustainable materials and technologies in our designs.

Awards and Prize

Awards: 1. Prototype of Oled lamp LAMPED - Salone Satellite 2011, Milano 2. WAN Interior Awards long listed 2012, international 3. WAN Product lighting Awards long listed 2014, international 4. WAN Furniture Award long listed 2014, international 5. Interior Innovation Award 2015-selection by German Design Council 6. A' Gold Design Award 2014-2015, international Italy 7. German Design Award Nominee 2016 - excellent product design 8. A' Platinum Design Award 2015-2016, international Italy 9. International Design Award IDA 2014 SILVER, USA 10. International Design Award IDA 2014 Special Mention, USA 11. ICONIC Awards - Winner 2016, German Design Council 12. German Design Award Special 2017 - Excellent Product Design 13. International Design Award IDA 2017 Gold, USA