FLIR ONE, Personal Thermal Imaging Device for your iPhone and Android

CompanyFLIR Systems, Inc.
ClientMike Kent
DesignerMike Kent Per Elmfors Lars-Ake Tunell Mike Walters Rebecca Potter Bill Hasbrook Ian Butler Stephanie Lockwood-Childs Ron Lockwood-Childs
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The next-gen FLIR ONE is a small and lightweight thermal imaging attachment that is compatible with either iOS or Android devices. This new flexible attachment weighs less than a third of the original and dramatically extends the limits of human vision to the infrared light spectrum and unlocks a host of practical applications for the consumer ranging from home improvement, outdoor adventure and personal safety. Depending on the Android or iOS version of the FLIR ONE, when connected to the bottom of mobile devices via either micro-USB (Android) or lightening connector (Apple), the attachment operates through the FLIR ONE app. The app displays a live thermal image of the world right on the phone’s screen, giving users the ability to see in an array of conditions including complete darkness, light fog + smoke. Using special sensor technology that was originally developed for military applications, FLIR ONE converts heat, which is emitted from every object on earth, into color images. These color images allow users to not only see in the dark, but to also observe differences in temperature of fractions of a degree. Inside the attachment is FLIR’s upgraded revolutionary Lepton thermal camera core, which features 4x the resolution of the original. When combined with multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX), it dramatically increases a user’s ability to interpret a thermal image in real-world environments. MSX is a proprietary + patented technique that uses 2 cameras (visible camera next to thermal sensor) to enhance the image. This technology is additive in that no thermal information is lost, enhancing the perceived 640x480 resolution of the thermal image.The next-gen FLIR ONE has automatic tuning so no need to manually tune the device for optimum use and has its own dedicated battery source so it will not drain power from the phone. It operates at 0°C to 35°C. and features an enhanced scene temp range of -20°C to 120°C, a 40°C increase in range from the predecessor device.