Han Kou Li

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientXu Jing
DesignerLiu Tao
Entry Description

Idea explanation for Han kou li Han kou li is the epitome of culture history of Hankou County. It will refresh its appearance to become the visiting card of Han kou. People’s memory and affection of Hankou concentrates on Han kou li. Han kou li is the culture, business and tourism area in Hankou and it expresses Hankou’s life, customs, history and fashions. Zheng bang group designed the logo for Han kou li. The logo mainly came from the Chinese character “汉”in Zhuan font. The brand name “Han kou li” was also combined in the logo smartly. The old “Han kou” is the most important commercial dock in Wuhan. It has the traditional dock culture and the meaning of water is concluded in it. So the Han kou li is the business carrier and represents the appearance of Wuhan city. It stays in a key position in Wuhan. Trade and Economy cannot live without people. Businessmen in Wuhan are important in China’s modern business. Businessmen in Wuhan have the spirit of enterprise and they have some great achievements which are known both at home and abroad. The character in the logo symbols people’s spirits of fighting, enterprise and independence. In Han kou li, people can walk slowly in those broad or narrow lanes to feel the exclusive customs, history, culture and spirits of this area.