ClientJee Yeon
DesignerJeong Yong Ho
Prize3rd Place in Print / Catalogs
Entry Description

Soul EV is the Kia's first product which driven by 100% of electric power for world market. We at DNC the design agency, thereby endaevor to express the vehicle's product attribute to the customers around the world through this brochure. Electric vehicle features regenerative braking which produce more mileage in the crowded urban in comparison to the conventional internal combustion powered vehicle. therefore we allocate the urban backgrounds image as much as possible. we illustrated various lifestyle images to emphasize the vehicle's unique style & practicality. Application of the Blue/White color on the exterior which was motivated by the clean sky are mainly used to the brochure. The head titles of every chapter are started with the prefix 'RE' repetitively, to express the competitiveness of vehicle's attribute in an intuitive way.