Sonos HiFi display space

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientQiu Yuan
DesignerFeng Huangyu
Entry Description

The inspiration of the Sonos HiFi display space comes from the theme of the company “happiness around the home” First, the black line is used as the main line of the space. This line is connected to difficult functions. Abstract lines are used to visualize the study, bedroom, living room and other places. That makes people feel the high-quality music sound is around every corner of people’s house. Second, the block-based props can satisfy the display both in the 3C markets and the Sonos stores. It can supply enough space for products display. The shape of the props is helpful for the transmission of the sound and it can also guarantee the high quality of the sound. At last, the sign system on the ground can tell staff where they should stand to give customers a quick service. By the way, the line shape creates a two-dimension effect.