DesignerMaria Loreta Pagnani
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Label wine Desiderio (Desire) Wine mix of Yellow Muscat, White Muscat and Sauvignon of the winery Venturi from Castelleone di Suasa. Express the personality of the wine, its characteristics, in the name. Desire is aleatory, intangible, shakes the senses… the desire arouses emotions, and emotions are translated into acts, Pencil plows through the paper and the gestures of the sign says this feeling. The desire to be desired, visual interpretation, sensual, gestural of a wine that wraps and inebriate the senses, leads them towards that sweet desire… to change emotions into signs.

About Designer

communicate with ideas Observe, understand, rework. Visually translate the values of the company, the product, the service to create a unique and recognizable identity with the combined use of signs, images, shapes, colors. Communicate with ideas, using the most appropriate channels and tools to range from print to web. In a time, and for the time, defined. One day, a month, a year or more. This is design. This is elpdesign.