AnaIsabella Village

DesignerBeatrice Pila-Gonzalez
Prize1st Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Art is frequently used in interior design to elevate the aesthetic, but it’s rare to have access to a collection of museum quality pieces for placement in a home. Such was the inspiration for this 14,000 square foot residential villa. Architect and interior designer collaborated from the start. The result is a classical style to support the exteriors, but with a modern twist. Dark wood frames the archways and doorway and window moldings, and the family room flooring is pieced by three different sized marble cuts in two finishes (honed and sandblasted leather), creating a striped effect in shape and texture. Curved architecture and subtle detailing are balanced with a sleek block fireplace of silver travertine, while an under-lit bar sparks actual use of the space via the lure of food and drink. The client’s accumulation of Cuban paintings provide ample color and life, therefore decor acts as the canvas versus focal point. Neutral furnishings make a statement with shape and silhouette versus patterns. A blend of irons, woods, and solid fabrics provide a masculinity and maturity without being pretentious. Luxe wallpapers, including velvet-embossings and overlays and grasscloth textures, placed on select walls builds sophistication and interest. The foyer’s four massive marble slabs create a diamond-shaped ripple effect so seemingly perfect as if nature itself designed it that way. This piecing technique is echoed in the master bathroom’s shower, yet the flooring maintains a classical mosaic style, keeping with the aforementioned theme of merging traditional and modern subtleties. The wine room is modeled after an old cellar resurrected with fresh functionality. Stainless steel chillers inserted into the patterned grey stone slabs limit refrigeration behind glass doors, thereby enabling guests to sit comfortably. Swivel industrial-like wooden seats flank the steel table, anchored by a beaded chandelier.

About Designer

For nearly three decades, Bea Pila has captured awards, partnerships and commissions for her creative, intricate and high-quality designs that harmoniously blend fashion and function. As founding principal of B. Pila Design Studio, she transforms spaces into inviting homes, literally working from the ground up to harmonize architectural, fixture and decorative elements. She is a Florida-licensed and National Council for Interior Design Qualification- (NCIDQ-) certified interior designer, as well as a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Pila’s first industry position initiated her with her design experience. She rose the ranks from junior to lead designer before venturing on her own, and ultimately launched B. Pila Design Studio in 1998. Today, the company oversees residential, commercial, healthcare, and developer projects spanning the United States, the South and Central Americas, and the Caribbean. From her Miami-based studio, she draws from her library of more than 1,000 carefully-selected manufacturers and her full-service team of architects, contractors, designers, and stylists cover every facet of the design process. Pila’s expertise and reputation as an interior designer, stylist and decor retailer has further enabled her to envision furniture pieces that deliver personality to a room, yet harmonize with an array of styles. Pila continues to design custom works on behalf of her clients, which have included unique artworks in the form of doors, railings, lighting, vanities, bookcases, bars, storage and more. Under her retail storefront, Artistic Lifestyle, Pila regularly releases one-of-a-kind repurposed pieces, most notably her vibrant “Suzani Collection” of vintage, handmade tapestries from Uzbekistan applied to seating frames of various design eras. Pila launched her own furniture collection, entitled “Hide & Seek,” that intertwines luxe beauty with clever functions that accommodate the multi-purpose/multi-tasking lifestyles adopted today. Hide & Seek released at the prestigious High Point Market in April 2014.