DesignerJan Vacek, Martin Smid
Prize1st Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
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KUF is modular system of decorative lighting components for residential and public spaces The basic module in 500 x 500 mm dimensions can be installed on walls or ceilings as well as an decorative cladding for large surfaces or as an individual lighting. Futher use of KUF systém is in various architectural forms or interior components, at reception or information desks, at spatial solitary elements, partitions, screens… Construction and light source The basic module of the KUF system consists of lampshade-plate and original way mounted 16 pieces of large crystal stones made from leaded glass as combination pressed and cut glass. Mounting of the glass stones is done invisibly from inside the module construction. The module is installed as a whole on the underlying surface with the possibility of rectification in all directions. Light source is set of LED strips attached to the base plate of the module. The glass stone The glass stones can be attached to the plate in perpendicular direction or in various angles, can be deployed in regular or irregular forms to create decor, pattern, symbols in symmetrical or assymetrical order… The basic design line of the system is regularly repeating arrangement of stones perpendicular to the lampshade-plate, alternately rotated at 90 degree angle - was inspired by Kufi alphabet (old Arabic alphabet) in perpendicular lines - and therefore is named as KUF. The glass stones can be produced in crystal and also in various colored stones like ruby, amber or smoky colors. Thanks to the technology that was used is KUF glass stone in 120 x 120 mm dimensions the largest industrially manufactured molded part made in the Czech Republic and probably also in Europe. Lampshade and material The future customers will be able to choose material for lampshade plate from a various finishes options like glossy mirror or matt, smooth or coarsened surfaces, gold or silver metals, decorative wood, leather, fabric, stone. The variability of KUF system offers endless design possibilities. Inspiration The basic design line of the system is regularly repeating arrangement of glass stones perpendicular to the lampshade-plate, alternately rotated at 90 degree angle - The vertical and horizontal stones create ornament in regular rythm and in square raster. The inspiration for the design of this pattern stacked stones was by Kufi alphabet – old calligraphy form of letters with longer horizontal and vertical lines. The alphabet was named by Kúfa, this time a town in Iraq and was used in the old Mesopotamia a long time ago. A special type of Kufi 's calligrams are words written in square shape that can be found in mosaics and in Islamic architecture.

About Designer

Jan Vacek & Martin Smid VACEK & SMID Product Designers, presenting under brand VACEK & SMID, focusing mainly on furniture and lighting. They like to work with unusual materials and are always seeking experimental ways in their design process. They are known for their poetic yet at the same time very pragmatic approach to design, focused on function and ability to utilize production technologies.