Dentsu Aegis Network (China HQ)

DesignerSimon Park
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

Through the seven global network brands, (DAN) provides best-in-class expertise and capabilities in brand, media, digital and specialist communications through an original holistic and integrated approach. The kaleidoscope concept we developed for DAN strived to represent the brands and the diverse service offering within the agencies. Kaleidoscope coming from Greek (kalos: beautiful and eidos: forms), characterises the notion of ‘worlds within worlds’ and addresses the uniqueness of each agency under the umbrella of Dentsu Aegis Network. Looking through one lens into a universe of possibilities the interior aspires to suggest a cascade of expertise and services under one roof however with their own identity. This concept is utilised to help define the DNA of each agency without disrupting the overall design language. The principal manifestation of this ‘connection’ is captured within the transitional staircase and the colour gradient through the floors from blue to grey to yellow and finally orange is a direct translation of the agency logo colours, the basis for the surrounding finishes, material palette and features. The staircase location was determined by logical containment of guests, access to facilities by staff, secure zoning between agencies and known building constraints. The staircase comprised of 7 floors: The external effect of the kaleidoscope colour gradation became a beacon for DAN and a landmark feature facing East (from a distance viewed at street level). Benefits of proposing this internal staircase over and above the concept included increased communication channels between staff and agencies, it is also more healthy and efficient for staff not using lifts and creates an opportunity for activity zones / bump moments in these traffic areas. It also opens up access to meeting facilities between agencies should a certain floor be more utilized than another. On the 16th floor where the main DAN reception and guest receiving platform is, we opted for a very clean, modern, elegant and understated design that was not agency specific but employed the kaleidoscope language in form and vertical wall treatments. The meeting rooms provided privacy and natural light with amazing views of the city. Embracing digital technology such as the projector wall, interactive touch screens / brand showreels and 3D room it further became a tool to not only promote DAN’s global reach but could also be customized to welcome a certain client or guest for an all inclusive experience. On the 11th floor where the shared canteen and kitchen is located, the design featured a historical, authentic a mature environment for creative discussion exuding quality. Inspired by ‘New York’ warehouse style but without feeling contrived, it represented the attributes of the agencies located on this floor. Across all the floors, a variety of zones to escape and refresh are available with green living walls to enhance air quality and keep control of planting throughout office. The ninth floor has an honest and freestyle aesthetic with a factory and workshop feel combining timber walls and modern furniture and the integration of digital displays and technology within the back office.