ClientKelly Dubisar
DesignerKelly Dubisar
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Recognized as the world leader in three-dimensional design software for manufacturing, building, construction, engineering, and entertainment, Autodesk asked the project team to endeavor on an evolved, yet new workplace that would connect multiple spaces and floors within their San Francisco-located One Market campus. It would need to fully embrace their evolving software technology, and continue to help foster a diverse, multi- generational workplace where mentoring and mentorship is encouraged and celebrated. Utilizing Autodesk’s software to inform and create the 3- Dimensional design of the space, not only helped develop the multi-faceted nature of the architecture, but also allowed employees to directly connect their work to their workplace. For this particular iteration, the team was intrigued by creating space inspired by the reductive nature of 3D printing. Multiple community ‘tunnels’ were carved through the center of the undulating core to connect one side of the building and teams to the other. The Tech Tunnel integrates technology and analog white boarding for shared team brainstorming. Locker Lane provides a central space for storing bike helmets and changing into your ‘work’ sneakers. The Cozy Corridor is a space comprised of comfy booths and nooks for hiding away when you’re looking for some focus time. Outside of the main, rippled corridor path, a rhythm of pavilions fall in line with the exposed structural bays that help to divide the open office area. Each pavilion holds a combination of meeting spaces and focus rooms. The corridor side of each structure provides strategic placement for the ever-changing Autodesk brand imagery. The back side of each is supplied with ample glass whiteboard to help facilitate ad hoc brainstorming and collaboration. Across the height adjustable open office landscape, there are a variety of casual breakout spaces that help support the impromptu way Autodesk employees work.