101 Tech

ClientLeah Ho
DesignerGensler Leah Ho, Design Director Dian Duvall, Project Principal Sarah Szekeresh, Environmental Graphic Designer Hilary Wolf, Project Manager
Prize3rd Place in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
Entry Description

When tasked with elevating the two-story vacant 280,000 sf office space for 101 Tech, developers Ellis Partners enlisted the help of Gensler. In the heart of Silicon Valley, the space had been a struggle to lease and therefore needed a compelling leasing story comprised of focused tour stops, aimed at brokers and potential tech tenants. Gensler’s design team created an immersive and visual experience by repackaging the General building information in a refreshing way through the use of thoughtful storytelling and super-sized, punchy graphics. Fun, visual cues highlighted the property's differentiators and wellness benefits, such as expansive natural light and outdoor amenities. The team also achieved bang-for-your-buck design solutions that could be repurposed should the space be partially leased. Designated pit stops along the tour also engaged users to interact with iPads loaded with 360- degree panoramic views that simulated the space occupied. Ultimately, the curated 11-stop tour empowered brokers with a memorable marketing story, resulting in a signed lease only a few months after the project was completed.