San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 3, Boarding Area E

ClientMeliss Mizell
DesignerGensler Gary Brandau, Jay Wilson, Peter Weingarten, Jeff Henry, Melissa Mizell, Nupur Sinha, Benjamin Parco, Shirley Lam, Nicole Powell, Mark Fairman, Bryan Scott, Ryan Fetters, Aimee Taylor, Tim Huey, Tom Horton, Ken Irelan,
Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

Building on the success of San Francisco International Airport's Terminal 2, SFO, the construction and project team set out to transform Terminal 3's Boarding Area E, an outdated section of the terminal built in the 1970's, into a world class terminal. The existing floor plate was expanded to accommodate more gates and provide a more spacious array of waiting and concessions spaces, and new perimeter glazing opened up views to the airfield. A new roof allows a sculpted ceiling plane to bring daylight deep into the space, resulting in a light and airy feeling. Now serving over 15,000 United passengers a day and highlighting service, hospitality and comfort, Architectural Highlights • The design offers a modern and efficient traveler experience, and employs a range of expressive architectural elements to frame views to the airfield and sky. Designers also sculpted and controlled daylight in a variety of ways, creating spaces which change in character throughout the day and year. • The team used topography as the inspiration for both the spatial layout and the textural nature of the space. Retail and dining dot the landscape as a series of visual and physical destinations while uninterrupted terminal views give passengers a sense of control over their environment —mitigating travel related stress and resulting in a more fluid, relaxing and enjoyable experience. • With tapered edges overhanging clerestory glazing, the roof is structured with lightweight, long-span trusses concealed within a finished architectural ceiling. This approach allowed designers to remove the existing middle two rows of structural columns, creating an open and flexible plan.