Transitional spaces Africa

DesignerRahdia Khatieb-Parker archicapetown
Entry Description

Transitional Spaces Africa Positioned to enable community resilience to combat poverty and develop literacy and health through education. Eradicate sqauttercamp typology with structures for transition. The typologies are adaptable and have developed from initially being classroom spaces, to ablutions spaces, and feeding kitchens. We are currently also involved in a project in the healthcare industry that requires sterile spaces. Prototype Research Project 2014-Current By 2014 we had established firm improvements in the design on a PLEAS (Passive Low Energy Architecture) System. In collaboration with international consultants we were able to research, and are currently in the process of developing a prototype suitable and geared for aid, social housing relief, ebola/mobile clinics, refugee housing and temporary relief structures.

About Designer

The beginning of ARCHI.CAPETOWN is not defined by any singular moment, it is the resolve of a collective of experience. Our vision is pursued with passion and commitment to achieve an architecture of consequence with the overall objective of ensuring a positive contribution to the formation of a sustainable, resilient public environment. We design on the premise of evidence based design that enable opportunities through design evaluations directly related to the relevant concerns. Our interests are humanitarian and social architecture.