Personal Branding

DesignerMabel Ha
Prize2nd Place in Print / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

As part of a final-semester unit in the Creative Advertising & Graphic Design course at Curtin University, students were required to develop their own personal branding. We needed to submit the following items: 1. Portfolio (electronic) 2. Portfolio (interview) 3. Process Journal 4. Logo, Business Card 5. Promotional Items 6. Social Networking Sites 7. Blog / Website 8. Curriculum Vitae 9. Rationale 10. Presentation Slides

About Designer

My name is Mabel and I'm a Freelance Creative & Multidisciplinary Designer. I initially studied Interior Architecture for 4 years before transferring these skills over into my Creative Advertising and Graphic Design studies & work. My strengths lie in conceptual ideation and idea generation, and my skills and experience also extend into the fields of Marketing, Promotions & Sales.