CompanyGreen Energy Options Ltd
ClientSimon Anderson
DesignerSimon Anderson
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Switches, Temperature Control Systems
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Entry Description

Cosy is a smart home thermostat that has been conceived to appeal to home owner's emotions: people who wish to improve the enjoyment of their home rather than buying a new thermostat. Cosy is designed to be mobile and used by people where they are. It thus controls the environment where the user is rather than the wall where a thermostat is normally mounted. It is very tactile, practical and will not look out of place on a coffee table. Alternate finishes are being produced such as acrylic, wood and ceramics bringing individuality to a piece of home control equipment. As with other smart thermostats, Cosy can be controlled from mobile devices and it also controls home lighting. Thus people do not have to return to a dark cold home, but to one where not only the heating is on but the lights too - even an electric blanket if all you want to do is collapse into a warm bed after a late night out! ComehometoCosy is therefore all about understanding how people want to use technology and design to help them enjoy their homes: it is about comfort and convenience. A Cosy is also be an efficient home. By making it easier to control heating and by applying "smarts" to the control algorithims users no longer have to heat their homes when they are not there - and make it more efficient to do so when they are. There are an increasing number of smart thermostats on the market today but most seek to apply good design to an existing paradigm - a thermostat that goes on a wall. Cosy seeks to challenge this paradigm and make the thermostat a tactile user-friendly piece of home technology that lives and works where people are - not on a wall.

About Designer

I am a co-founder and director of Green Energy Options (geo). We are pioneers in the design and development of home energy management systems. We focus on engaging people and understanding what makes them tick - which helps us make products and services that are sought out and enjoyed, not just bought and ignored.