Domino's Pizza - App Redesign Concept

DesignerM.A.Nimasha Sewwandi Perera
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Re-thinking the user experience of the Domino's online pizza ordering app. ---------- Domino’s Pizza, as a market leader in pizza industry, it is essential to have an app to take online pizza orders with a better & unique user experience. In this project, I focused on redesigning the existing Domino’s Pizza app (for iOS), to improve and create a unique interaction between the user and the process of ordering pizza via the mobile app and to make it much more fun and easy for users of every age group. ----------

About Designer

I'm Nimasha. A very passionate, self taught UI/UX designer from Colombo, Sri lanka. I also do photography and tend to dabble in digital art and traditional art in my free time I have worked as the UI/UX Lead at Arimac Digital for 2 years. Currently working as a freelancer. I have 3+ years of experience in user interface and experience design industry.