i miss everything and nothing all at once

DesignerDuy Dao
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

"i miss everything and nothing all at once" is a hypothetical exhibition, focussed on "nostalgia". It is curated and designed by duy dao. the catalogue is a record and proof that the exhibition existed. it also works as a sequence of spaces and visual language of the event. in other words, the catalogue acts as the exhibition in printed form. the exhibition produces a limited edition package. inside the package includes one box, nine posters, follows with a four-hundred-and-sixteen-pages catalogue.

About Designer

Growing up in Vietnam, crossing streets is much more than just following the rules. There are no rules at all. No stopping vehicles. No crosswalks. No traffic lights. The adrenaline flows along with an intense focus. Deep down inside, I have to be fearless. Since childhood, I had mastered the skill of running across congested streets. Unintentionally, the mindset needed to survive chaotic traffic helps me advance in many different aspects of life, including my design thinking. My name is Duy Dao, a Transmedia Designer who recently graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design.