DesignerMichiya Tsukano
Prize1st Place in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

Since people got to visit to Miyajima routinely, Miyajima-guchi became a pseudo Miyajima. However, Miyajima-guchi should become a node where people experience more features of Miyajima, the \"Island of God\". Therefore, we propose Miyajima-guchi to represent a primitive form of Japan. Morikage Kusumi painted a picture of Japanese people in an idealized image, in which people repose and enjoy comforts that are accessible in nature. Therefore, we propose to build pergolas that cover Miyajima-guchi and provide natural features, the urban axis, the open terminal, the park in harbor, the scattered open space, and the efficient transportation system. These are connected seamlessly as a landscape by pergolas, so people can comfortably stroll and stay around the Miyajima-guchi. The urban axis is crowded with visitors while the park in harbor and the corridor on pergolas provide serenity.

About Designer

1981: Born in Miyazaki, Japan 1999-2003: Bachelor of Architecture from the Kinki University 2003-2005: Master of Architecture from the Kinki University 2005-2008: Kubota Architect Atelier / Yamaguchi 2008- : Doctor of Architecture from the Hiroshima University 2010- : Established Tsukano Architect Office