Speedport NEO

CompanyTelekom Design
ClientParik Norbert
DesignerTelekom Design
Prize2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
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Entry Description

New, ingenious, simple. There is no easier way to access the Internet than with the Speedport Neo: for the initial setup, it is plugged directly into the electrical socket and connected to the network via the DSL cable. Everything else occurs automatically. The innovative plug-and-play router combines a DSL modem, power adapter, telephone base station, power-line adapter, and router in just one device. With only two LEDs, the interface provides maximum clarity. LED one is green and indicates that everything is fine. LED two only turns on when there’s a problem and describes the issue via color coding. One additional highlight: through the integrated power-line adapter, the entire electrical network of a household becomes Internet compatible – with up to 750 megabits. The Speedport Neo blends into every residential environment perfectly and makes Internet access as natural as electricity and water.