Asian Cosmopolitan Penthouse

CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
ClientMervyn Toh
DesignerMervyn Toh
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A 4200sqft 3-storeys penthouse apartment well-spread out with 4 rooms, unblocked double volume living/dining, panoramic view of city landscape horizon, and an attic Sanctuary with a Jacuzzi. An Asian heritage theme with a cosmopolitan twist was decided for this penthouse that identifies to have the best of both worlds in typical urban living. Vivid colors are used to inject contemporary vibes and identify living spaces throughout the home. Organizing client’s Asian inspired artefacts, decorative accessories and furniture to fit into the Asian theme was an enjoyable challenge. Magenta and mustard were the choice colors on first level consisting of the private lobby, sitting room, dining and den, while grey as the base tone. Choice color, design and materials allow for an elegant mix of Asian heritage and modern living while exhibiting inhabitants’ sophisticated style. Once a cold and mainstream architectural interior is now a welcoming respite which resonates tropical Asian vibes.

About Designer

Hottoh Design is an integrated and multi-talented interior design firm that provides personalized and bespoke design solutions. Our reputation is built on our resolute commitment to quality, consistent delivery and a vision of long term success. Always inspired and passionate, we are constantly looking at creating more meaningful and fulfilling spaces with distinct personality that increase the quality of life of our clients. With a goal to be a leading Singapore brand in interior design, Hottoh Design continues to strive for perfection in cultivating interiors that are unique and engaging.