No.101 Chocolate House

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The "Chocolate House", as the children of the family fondly call their new house based on the exterior color of the house, also seems so properly termed as home is where memories of happy days as well as bitter sweet times occur. Light and nature are two essential design elements of any house, and classic, simple design is always timeless. The interior designer creates a simple yet elegant living space with the use of simple lines and decorative chandeliers. The yard provides a separate outdoor space with two large ceiling-to-floor glass doors through which natural light flows into the house and creates a serene, Zen-felt living space. The interior designer successfully designed a home where all the family members enjoy comfort of living as well as playful entertainments.

About Designer

DINGRUI Design Studio C.F.Tai Design Studio was organized in 1997. Renamed as “DINGRUI Design Studio” in 2008. We have our own language formed by the design to promote actions, study in space and life aesthetics, and being persistent in carrying out the design solutions. Our main business is primarily on interior design and display design of residence and the associated club house. We believe that the spirit of spatial planning is to epitomize the attitude towards life, instead of using up every corner of the space. Moderate reservation of the open space is to remain the flexible use of space on one hand, and to have the behavior patterns changed and further adjust mood and attitude on the other hand. We emphasize the principle of material utilization and focus on the coordination of the laws of nature, rather than arbitrary overlapping.